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Womelsdorf Community Library offers "Love is ..." to area residents

10/5/22 - Pennsylvania's Womelsdorf Community Library has added the children's book, "Love is ..." to its shelves.


Elementary school welcomes Weidman to read children's book

5/24/22 - Weidman shares "Love is ..." with kindergarten through third-grade students during Notre Dame of Bethlehem event


Weidman speaks at Barnes & Noble for Pagoda Writers group

5/21/22 - Pennsylvania-based Pagoda Writers invited Kimberly Lipsky Weidman to share her publishing journey with them.


6/3/22 - Atlantic City newsletter for Ocean Club residents features the publishing of Weidman's "Love is ..." children's book.

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5/23/22 - Pink Reed Books introduces Kimberly Lipsky Weidman and her children's book, "Love is ..." to the children's literature community


5/1/22 - Entertainment article from May 1, 2022.. Scroll to "Books" at end of article.

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