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Written through the eyes
of an 8-year-old little girl.

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About the Story

This story came into the world through an elementary school writing assignment in 1978. I was in third grade and remember seeing the words, Love is … written on the blackboard. The assignment: to write an essay on what love meant to us.

Several months later, I recall walking into school and one of my classmates telling me I received honorable mention for my story. I was so happy. But then I found out that I had actually won first place for my age group (grades 1-3). I was thrilled!

Throughout my adult years, I toyed with the idea of having this story illustrated as a children's picture book. For many reasons, 2021 became the year to turn this dream into reality, and so began the journey. I’m so happy to share it with you – and the special children in your life.

About the Author

Kimberly grew up writing stories, songs and ad campaigns; playing with LEGO®; dressing up in completely mismatched clothes; and wanting to be everything from a boxer (thanks, Rocky) to soda fountain waitress (thanks, local penny candy store).


Ultimately, she found her creative outlet through a professional career in marketing, working with dozens of national and global companies. She lives in Pennsylvania’s countryside with her husband, Joe, and golden retriever, Sophie.

Our Purpose
kindness • love • joy • happiness

KLJ Happiness shares positive messages and life experiences that will (hopefully) help you pursue a more fulfilling life, while inspiring you to achieve your dreams. The goal is to bring more kindness, love, joy and happiness into your life so that those positive feelings ripple out to more and more people.


Our strength as a business is a deep, committed desire to make a difference. In one life. In many lives.


KLJ Happiness gives back - through donations, volunteerism, and the pursuit of creative ideas in myriad forms.

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